Real Estate

Buying or selling real estate can be fraught with unforeseen complexities and complications. We can work quickly and efficiently on your behalf to make sure your deal completes with a minimum of hang ups.
Our real estate law group provides legal services for all areas of real estate law. We act on behalf of individuals, corporations, lending institutions and government organizations. Whether you are a first time home buyer and want guidance through the process or a sophisticated developer who wants documents prepared, we can help.

Services we provide include:

  • Home purchases, sales and mortgages
  • Drafting agreements and contracts
  • Refinancing
  • Purchase and Right to Purchase contract preparation
  • Private lending
  • Subdivision and property development
  • Lease preparation and review
  • Easement and right of way preparation
  • Strata advice
  • Foreclosure
  • Drafting agreements and contracts
  • Resolving real estate transaction disputes

Some people rely solely on a notary to complete the transaction for them because they’re concerned with the costs associated with hiring a lawyer. It is a common misconception that lawyers charge more than notaries. In fact, the fees for our lawyers’ notarial services are the same as what most notaries charge.

A notary’s practice is limited to non-contentious issues. A notary can witness the signing of documents and file paperwork with the appropriate Land Title registry. However, a notary cannot provide you with legal advice, for example, if you think your neighbour’s fence might be on your property or if the previous owners of your new house removed property that you thought as included in the sale. A notary is also unable to represent you in court. It’s true that most real estate sales and purchases are straightforward and uncomplicated. However, it’s difficult to know in advance whether your real estate transaction will give rise to unexpected problems or disagreements between the buyer and seller. Sometimes, unforeseen issues can arise long after you think your deal has concluded. Recently, an unsuspecting real estate buyer received an unexpected tax bill for over $600,000 because the notary representing them did not complete the transaction according to Canada’s Income Tax Act:

In British Columbia, all lawyers are also notaries. That means not only can lawyers can walk you through signing of all legal documents like a notary does, but they also have advanced training to spot potential issues with your real estate transaction. Furthermore, in the unfortunate event that your transaction does not go smoothly, lawyers can provide you with full legal representation and advocate for you both in and out of the courtroom.

In short, when you hire one of our lawyers to assist you with your real estate transaction, you won’t just get our notarial services. You also have the confidence that comes from having our trained legal professionals and experienced conveyancing staff on your team.